Anastasia Makeeva is a world-class aerial acrobat performing in world-renowned ensembles and holder of numerous international circus awards.

Anastasia was raised in Moscow in a family of scientists and doctors. She studied music when she became passionate about circus and decided to take a new challenge to acquire aerial gymnastics skills. Starting at the age of nineteen, she worked persistently creating an aerial act that included extraordinary, breathtaking tricks and soon became a hallmark in the circus world.

Anastasia was an ensemble member of the Great Moscow State Circus, won a Bronze Clown at the prestigious Circus Festival in Monte Carlo among many other international awards. As one of few artists she was invited as a special guest at the 40th Anniversary Circus Festival in Monte Carlo, where she performed together with arial artist Laura Miller in a spectacular and emotional performance with water and fire.

During the 12 years of her artistic career, Anastasia has evolved her art, performing in the best classical, contemporary and gala circus shows in the world. Anastasia has developed new images, experimented with modern technologies and environments, collaborated with photographers, designers, the theatre and cinema arts.

Creating and performing are Anastasia’s greatest passions, in every project she strives for quality, attractiveness, authenticity and emotions with her highest level of professionalism.

Anastasia Makeeva


The Russian University of Theatre Arts, Moscow
A.B. Diploma, qualification: « Directing of Circus Shows»

The graduate work «Creation of a Circus Act» was performed at the International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo where it won Bronze clown awarded by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and later won other international awards

The Moscow State Circus College
Graduate Diploma qualifications: Circus Performing Arts, Musical Clowning

Anastasia Makeeva @ 5th China International Circus Festival in Zhuhai (China)

Professional experience:

Since 06/2006
Working as an aerial circus performer in international shows and renowned circus companies, winning numerous international awards in prestigious circus competitions

Tour with Swiss National Circus Knie - 100 years Jubilee Show (Switzerland)

SILVER at the 5th China International Circus Festival in Zhuhai (China)
Weltweihnachtscircus Stuttgart (Germany)

"The One Grand Show", Friedrichstadt-Palast, Berlin

Salto Natale, Zurich (Switzerland)
GOLD at the 25th International Circus Festival of Massy (France)

Circus Conelli, Zurich (Switzerland)
Europa-Park, Rust (Germany)
A special guest at the 40th Anniversary Circus Festival in Monte Carlo by invitation of Princess Stéphanie; a jury member of the New Generation Youth Festival

The Royal Theatre Carré, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Circus Knie, (Switzerland)
MGM Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino, Biloxi (USA)
Neues Theater, Höchst (Germany)

BRONZE at the 38th International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo
Circus Flic Flac (Germany)
Weltweihnachtscircus Stuttgart, (Germany)
Shizuoka World Cup (Japan)

Employee of The Great Moscow State Circus (Russia)

Kiev State Circus (Ukraine)

BRONZE at the International Circus Festival in Latina (Italy)
BRONZE at the International Circus Festival in Prague (Czech Republic)

SILVER at the Moscow International Youth Circus Festival (Russia)

Circus tours in the UK, Russia and Ukraine


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Anastasia Makeeva
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Anastasia Makeeva